Your personal program for Brussels

Experience some unforgettable days in the Capital of Europe

You will soon spend some days in Brussels and you want your stay to be authentic and unique?
You live in Brussels and you want to offer an amazing experience to our family or friends who will visit you soon?
The custom-made programs My Slow Travel are exactly what you need!
Experience the life in Brussels: let us guide you with our suggestions to discover (or re-discover!) Brussels off the beaten paths.

The creation of your custom-made program for your stay in Brussels is done in three steps:

1-Dream your trip

1-Dream your trip

Tell us your dreamed stay in Brussels: your dreams, your ideas and thoughts... Everything is possible in the Capital of Europe! Listen to the child in you, your imagination is the only limit.

2-The magic happens...

2-The magic happens...

Your personalized program is created to make your dream stay a reality. As Brussels lovers and trip organizer, we come up with a program 100% aligned with your expectations.

3-Live your dream stay

3-Live your dream stay

Set down your luggage in Brussels, the trip you dreamed of becomes reality! Your personalized road book in hand, you discover the local secrets & experience the city from the inside.

Our packages

No more puzzling to organize your trip, we have built two complete for you

Brussels ADVENTURE, the Slow Travel experience autonomously. Your road book contains:

  • Our best addresses to taste Belgian food and drinks from breakfast to diner
  • Suggestions of authentic activities to discover Brussels by day and by night
  • Price : 25€ / day

Brussels DELUXE, the Slow Travel experience with guidance. Your road book contains:

  • Our best addresses to taste Belgian food and drinks from breakfast to diner
  • Suggestions of authentic activities to discover Brussels by day and by night
  • Three propositions of accommodation well located and within your budget
  • Our advice for transportation along with detailed maps and explanations on how to go from one activity to another in complete peace.
  • Price : 35€ / day

The packages do not include:

  • The booking and payment of the proposed services (accommodation, transportation, restaurants, activities, etc.)
  • The accompaniment during your stay

You are a professional? For any commercial inquiries, please contact us and we will get in touch with you at the earliest.

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!

Belgian Chocolate

Witness the Belgian passion for Chocolate & taste the best Belgian pralines

Belgium & Chocolate: this is a very long story of love and traditions! Brussels has so much to offer to chocoholics: fascinating History to discover, one-century old boutiques to visit & delicious chocolates to taste.

Foodies walks

Visite Brussels Chocolate

During a two hour tour in the historical centre of Brussels, travel through the History of Belgian chocolate, visit the best chocolate boutiques of Brussels & taste several chocolates: from the traditional to the innovative recipes. After this walk, we promise you will be full of energy and as happy as a child! Starting from 100€ per foodies walk.

Tasting events

Tasting Brussels Chocolate

Invite some friends & family over for a chocolate tasting party! Two hours to get acquainted with the Art of chocolate tasting and to savour a collection of Belgian pralines: a delicious mix of traditional recipes & new creations. A quiz in teams will entertain your guests and make this event as convivial as tasty. Starting from 100€ per tasting event.

You are a professional? For any commercial inquiries, please contact us and we will get in touch with you at the earliest.

The only true voyage of discovery would be to behold the universe through the eyes of another, of a hundred others, to behold the hundred universes that each of them beholds, that each of them is.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find an answer to your questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

What is Slow Travel?
Taking the time to explore each place thoroughly, to discover the destination from the inside, to meet the locals and to try the local cuisine: this is Slow Travel.

Slow travel is not so much a particular mode of transportation as it is a mindset. Slow Travellers enjoy experiencing a city as the locals do. Unlike a passing visitor, a slow traveller is keen on changing country, language, habits and customs to immerse himself in the local life for the duration of his stay.

[PROGRAM] What does the roadbook contain exactly?
The roadbook contains personalized recommendations for each day of your stay: activities, restaurants and bars gathered around one area of Brussels.

If you choose the package "Brussels DELUXE" then the roadbook is more complete as it includes recommendations of accommodations and detailed instructions for trnasportation to get from one activity to another without getting lost.

The roadbook is 100% personalized as we build it based on your wishes, preferences, date of venue and budget. The program accompanies you in your discovery of Brussels, every day of your stay from the early mornings to late in the evening.

[PROGRAM] Which types of activities are proposed in the program?
The range of proposed activities is varied! It can be walks, cycle rides, guided tours, games such as treasuring hunt, shopping, shows, meetings with locals, cooking or baking classes, beer tasting, chocolate making, sport events, boat ride... In Brussels activities are not lacking and we are here to help you find the right fit.

The activities are carefully selected based on your centre of interest, your budget and Brussels agenda at the time you are here. If you are an art lover, you will enjoy best of Brussels museums, treasuring hunt on the theme of Art Deco & stroll in the art galleries neighbourhood! If you come during summer, the program can put the focus on outside activities such as festivals, walks, rides & Bruxelles Les Bains

[PROGRAM] Do you have testimonials of travellers who discovered Brussels thanks to a My Slow Travel program?
Alice a happy customer, satisfied of her city-trip in BrusselsFor my second time in Brussels, I wanted to go off the beaten paths and discover new aspects of Brussels to change from the touristy highlights I visited the first time I was there. Marion listened carefully to my wishes (and also to what I didn't want) to build my customized program: gourmet walk, discovery of the hidden galleries and panorama, antics neighbourhood... I was very pleased with my stay having a total confidence in her recommendations and her expertise. What a pleasure to discover a city with your own personalized road book!

Alice, a fan of the sweets Merveilleux de Fred

Pascale et Bruno visited Brussels for the first timeThis was our first visit in Brussels and we enjoyed both the activities proposed by Marion and the fact that we just had to follow the program. Visit of the Royal greenhouses for me, automotive museum for my husband, bread & food trucks festivals, visit of the European commission which was exceptionally open this week-end: 3 perfect days well planned. Everything was well thought of: from the best options for transportation to the great addresses for typical & delicious Belgian food & beers!

Pascale & Bruno, lucky visitors of the European Commission

Jaime & Robert came to Brussels to celebrate her birthdayWe came to Brussels for my 50th birthday and wanted something very special. Marion listened to our thoughts and ideas and came up with an incredible itinerary. Each and every spot she sent us to was perfect in its own unique way. Marion's personalized step-by-step guidebook became our "bible". She never let us go hungry and we didn't end up in any awful tourist traps. She also gives directions, opening hours and telephone numbers of all locations so that even if our plans changed, we wouldn't be at a loss. I consider ourselves savvy New Yorkers, but without Marion's help, this week in Brussels wouldn't have been the dream vacation that it was. Thank you Marion! PS: DEFINITELY book Marion's chocolate tour!

Jaime & Robert, foodies in love with Belgian cuisine

[PROGRAM] Who are the My Slow Travel programs for?
Since the My Slow Travel road books are 100% personalized, they can be used by anybody who wants to (re-)discover Brussels in an authentic way. You will like the My Slow Travel road books if you are:

  • A Slow traveller: If you like to feel the vibes of a city by tasting the regional delicatessen (beer, waffles, chocolate: yummy!), experiencing the local traditions and meeting the inhabitants, then you might be a Slow Traveller without knowing it! Count on our program to be your door opener to the Real Brussels.
  • Bruxellois & Brusselaar: You are living in Brussels and some of your relatives come to visit? This time forget about the milk run Grand-Place-Manneken-Pis-Atomium, impress your friends & family by getting a customized program for they stay and re-discover Brussels in their company.
  • Expatriate & new-comers in Brussels: You recently moved to Belgium and are looking to immerse yourself in the European capital? Our road books give you a short cut in your integration journey to live Brussels as a Belgian and make the most out of your Belgian experience as off now.

[PROGRAM] In which cases is a My Slow Travel roadbook useful?
Since the My Slow Travel programs are 100% personalized, occasions to get a customized road book are not lacking! You are coming to Brussels for a city trip? A romantic getaway? A shopping spree? Gourmet holidays? A solo trip to rest and relax? A family travel? Some networking in the European capital?

Also think about getting your personalized program for your life-changing events. Shout your love off Brussels rooftops and propose in the European capital! Party with the locals for a crazy bachelor or bachelorette party! Offer an original Christmas or Birthday gift.

Whatever the reason of your venue to Brussels, your customized program will guide throughout your stay.

[PROGRAM] What are the differences between visiting Brussels the 'classical way' and the Slow Travel way?
Below are listed three examples to give you an idea of the differences between a discovery of Brussels the "tourist way" and a discovery of Brussels as a Slow Traveller thanks to our customized road book.

Visiting Brussels as a passing visitor:

  • Get out of the hop-on hop-off bus to take 10 souvenir pictures of the Atomium. Get straight back on the bus to hit the road on the way to the next highlight.
  • Wander Brussels at the speed of light from North to South and from East to West, hoping to successfully meet the challenge of seeing the Top 10 of the city in less than 48 hours.
  • Sit down at a restaurant of the touristy area of down town Brussels where the waiters talk 6 languages and where the establishments propose a long list of international food.

Living Brussels as a Slow Traveller:

  • Have a pick nick in an open air amphitheatre to meet the locals, enjoy some folk and jazz music during the Brosella festival, with the Atomium in the background.
  • Meet one of the Greeters who are local volunteers sharing their passion for their city during a unique and personal encounter providing insight into their town.
  • Venture outside of the city center into a typical restaurant. Le Zinneke gets daily deliveries of fresh mussels from the North Sea and cook them in 69 different ways.

[PROGRAM] How is My Slow Travel any better than tourist books, blogs or Trip Advisor?
My Slow Travel is like having a friend in Brussels who share with you his insider tips. Contrary to the traditional resources on travel, your personalized program offers three main advantages:

  • Authenticity: No more Top 10 of the travel books, no more tourist trap! Your personalized program takes you off the beaten path, to the most typical neighbourhoods of the city where the locals live and the true Brussels can be experienced.
  • Originality: The road book aims at being 100% in accordance with your expectations for you to spend dream journey. Each program is unique as each program is designed around the hobbies, wishes, preferences and budget of one traveller.
  • Simplicity: No more time wasted browsing the web, no more headache compiling thousands of recommendations from blogs and books. We take care of this for you by bringing together our knowledge as inhabitants of Brussels and our organization skills.

[PROGRAM] Do I get a paper or electronic version of my roadbook?
Because we think it's more convenient and also eco-friendly, we will give you the electronic version of your roadbook. This way, you can have it on your smartphone, tablet or PC. If you wish to receive a paper version of the roadbook, we can print it in glazed paper and deliver it to your accommodation in Brussels for 20€.
[CHOCOLATE] When are the foodies walk and tasting events taking place?
The foodies walk and tasting events are organized on-request.

  • The walks normally take place from Tuesdays to Sundays between 10am and 7pm which corresponds to the opening hours of the chocolate boutiques. Please note that most of chocolate shops are closed on Mondays.
  • The tasting events take place on week days as from 6pm or any time during the week-ends. They take place at your place in Brussels or in Belgium (travel expenses may apply if the tasting event is hosted outside Brussels). It is also possible to host the event in a wine bar or tea house.

[CHOCOLATE] Who are the foodies walk and tasting events for?
These activities are 100% private which means that only the persons you invite are present that day.This allows us to really customize the events to your taste and to your participants. Anybody can join a foodies walk or tasting event; chocolate knows no age!
[CHOCOLATE] Do you have testimonials of chocoholics who participated to a foodies walk or a tasting event?
Brussels visit chocolateTouring the chocolate shops with Marion was the perfect way to kick off my Brussels trip! In the time of the tour I felt that I learned many fun facts about the area and chocolate. I was travelling by myself and Marion was able to organize an affordable and memorable tour for me. As well as being amazingly helpful with suggestions for other activities; I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone stopping in Brussels.

Shannon - U.S.A.

Brussels visit chocolateAfter a busy conference week it was great to have Marion show us the world of chocolate and the streets of Brussels on our last day. She has great knowledge of the history of chocolate, and she's a fun & enthusiastic guide. The tour ended with a very sweet surprise.. We highly recommend her!

Marianne & Annette - Norway

visit chocolate BrusselsThis is a great experience! Marion does a fantastic job covering the history of Belgium chocolate, as well as giving a nice overview of the city. Marion's passion of Belgium and chocolate really shows! She is very knowledgeable and tailors your tour specifically to your interests and preferences. The tour was the highlight of our visit. This is definitely a must-do if you are in Brussels!

Amanda, Nicole, Todd & Martin - U.S.A.

visit chocolate BrusselsWe spent a delightful afternoon with Marion and an extravagant amount of chocolate. She walked us through the history, production, and styles of chocolate while acting much more like a friend than a tour guide. The tour was personalized to our tastes and Marion's passion and enthusiasm continuously shone through. We were incredibly impressed with Marion's encyclopaedic knowledge of both chocolate and Bruxelles. In summary, I cannot imagine a better guide to chocolate and Bruxelles than Marion. I enthusiastically recommend her.

Jessica & Sam - U.S.A.

Do the medias talk about My Slow Travel
Yes, yes, yes, one talks about My Slow Travel on TV, on other Slow Travel websites and of course in the streets of Brussels!

Who creates these awesome custom-made programs to discover Brussels?
Picture of Marion
Hello, I am Marion! In the past I lived in France (Lyon, Paris, Nice...), Germany (Munich & Hanover) and now I'm here in Belgium. Since 2012 Brussels has become my playing fields for all my hobbies: cooking (yummy!), strolls (I love exploring the city!), sports and photography.

When I arrived in Brussels, I didn't fall in love with the city like I did when I moved to Paris or Munich. Brussels is a city that needs to be earned. One needs to dive into Brussels to be able to enjoy all the good sides of the life in Belgium: its gastronomy, its culture, its events, the friendliness of its inhabitants, the architecture... With the custom-made program I offer you a shortcut to experience Brussels from the inside, as you would do if you would live here!

Here is a list of my favourite websites in English for the top tips in Brussels: the community Spotted By Locals where the locals give their insider tips, the blogs My Secret Brussels and The Brussels Sprouts where bloggers share their address books for all kind of activities in Brussels and the blogs Brussels Kitchen and The foodalist with good recommendations of restaurants.


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Keen on discovering (or rediscovering) Brussels?
We concoct you a 100% customized program for you to enjoy authentic & unique experiences. On request, we can send you a sample program.

We organize choco-walks and tasting events of Belgian Chocolate. Contact us to book a date for your 100% private activity.

We are looking forward to share with you our passion for Brussels & Belgian Chocolate! 😉